You are a rare flower not born to please
Remember this notion, it’s not at all cheap

Break these walls, climb up sharp edged mountains
Don’t break your peace, stability is the spine of silence

It require grace to be kind to evils
Amongst harsh edgy voices, you always chose to be gentle

Forget all dark desires, burn ugly things in fire
Make no room for hatred, life is yeah! short but sacred

Whoever touches you with gratitude
Return the favour immediately, but in solitude

Silence you know brings the beauty you deserve
To pluck the best rose, some thorns you need to bear

Gravity holds us in many varied forms
Like the sky holds the thunder, the lightning and the storm

My hospitable gestures are now fading away
Just don’t fit in every one’s romantic vocabulary anyway.

No half promises, play no cassette of unwind hopes
This world is temporary, so make no permanent homes.



The women she has become 🍁

Little bit dark, little bit white
Look how she has absorbed
This color of magnanimous sight

Living once again, forgetting all the pains
Her wings are raised, for one flight in mountains

Made up of fire, inside but little bit oceanic
Warmth of her heart, could melt these great gigantics

She plucked those beautiful flowers yesterday
Removed the thorns, with bleeding fingers anyway

Beauty is one thing she never desired for herself
Mending up once again, and silently prayed for everyone else

Knew her worth, left many empty girths
Her window is open, for many birds to chirp

A colour full face, a mixture of many grace
Reflected her balance, meeting beautifully with crazy states

Who knows what she holds, inside her popping heart
Just one innocent talk, could melt her many stones embedded since birth

The women she has become, the one she is becoming
Holds nothing against this world
Except flowing against the flow
She has left nothing to swallow.

Happy Holi
And happy International women’s day
To all my lovely readers.
Shine and rise.

Love,D 🍁

That day

A day would come when you have to shed everyday chores and leave
A day would come when you have to no more worry about your finances
A day would come when you have to leave behind what is precious for you today
A day would come when you have to shed your skin and sync with the winds
A day would come when external boundaries will no longer hanker in the process of liberation
A day would come when what you think isn’t visible from the naked eyes will come standing in front of you
A day would come when you no longer need your own breath to support your eternal life

A day would come when you and this infinity will become a synonymous of each other

A day would come when what you call God will shine and live through you.

Make yourself ready for that day. Don’t indulge much into external pleasures, they have no life span, but you are beyond time and space, and you are meant to cross even that. You have forgotten yourself, but a day would definitely come when you have to leave this body, this planet, these loved ones, this home, everything behind. So, start the preparations of that day from today itself. Cause no matter what will come and what will not come in your life that day is already fixed in your journey on this planet.

Make that day the most beautiful day, cause maybe you won’t realise it immediately but leaving in every form is always beautiful and liberating 🤍



Image: Dr Divya S. Singh

Maturity they taught me everyday
Sucked my air, threw my heart far away

Who told them God loves false incarnations?
Or people who play many tactics with their skins

Nothing evolves in any confined field
Maturity is great when you learn it for someone’s need

But, why they manipulate my heart and skin
Is there any mourn still left to spin?

Anonymously I emboss many colors on their appearances
Combined with gratitude, I see soulful faces

They say, they love me for some fearsome reasons
I hate them but, for no specific reason

One day my garden of roses, make room for purple orchids
When the bees will buzz without maturity benefits.

Drying petals tells so many wetty stories
Growing up is a trap, just don’t eat rotten curries.



In that well of irksome promises
I left some horrible zones of magnets

Attracting me from every corner
Why sun and moon revolves inside me together

Left some fairy tales, chucked many gritty Wales
Dived deep in this ocean, where blue water isn’t pale

My horoscope look nice, come see my palm lines
Revealing many ages, my skin still shines

I hit these mountains, piled up in my head
With the force of courage, pushed away many deads

Illusions take my soul in an invincible sphere
My windows are still open for some rainy fears

These eyes are stuck at one stupendous scene
Where desires seems confined, in one irregular theme

A dark empty bucket of garnered emotions
Collect my heart pieces from every direction

Noone is nearby to make this meaningful
This life is sucking hope, with every entangle.



कभी कहो तो हम भी कह दें
की रास्ते खाली क्यों रह गए
भरने थे जो कदमों की आहटो से
वो गलियारे मौन कैसे रह गए
चमकती हुई जगनुओं की ये सादगी सी रोशनियां
देती हैं रात के अंधेरे को क्यों चुनौतियां
दुआओं के वो मंजर अधूरे क्यों रह गए
करने थे जो पूरे वो शब्द दिलों में क्यों रह गए
रेत पर बिखरी हुई, सूरज की गर्म रश्मियों ने
किए थे कई वादे, इन सर्द हवाओं से
सिर्फ एक आंसू की बारिश ने
क्यों कई रेगिस्तान डुबो दिए

आंखो की बंद तिजोरियां, क्या राज संजोए हैं
खोलो इन्हे कभी, तो देखें हम भी
की क्या क्या सपने इन तिजोरियों में छुपाए हैं
यूं ऐसे बात न करना, भी बयान बहुत कुछ करता है
कैसे कह दूं की परवाह नही, ये दिल नही धड़कता है
भोर का पंछी कहता है कहानियां मुझसे
शाम को जब आता है, घरौंदे में अपने
क्या क्या मैं जान गई हूं,
क्या है जो तुम जानते हो
कभी कहो तो हम भी कह दें
मुझे कुछ पहचानते हो
चलना तो दस्तूर है, जीवन एक प्यारी तस्वीर है
गर रुको थोड़ा सा तो, और कह सको
तो हम भी कह देंगे, की रास्ते क्यों नही भरे
अपने कदमों की आहटों से।

दिव्या 🐾