गुलिस्तां के रेतीले टीले, और बहती सी हल्की सबा
कुछ याद किए सपने, कुछ बहे आंखो से अपने

गर्म सर्दी की महक ठंडी सी लग रही है
कहीं दूर नमक की नदी तड़प रही है

झर कर क्या मुकम्मल हों जाएं
जिए हैं उनके लिए फिर क्यों मर जाएं
पहाड़ को काटकर जैसे बहती है नदी
वैसे ही क्यों ना इरादे हों जाएं
हसरते कई आ रही हैं इस बखत
बैठे बैठे ही हम क्यों न इन्ही में स्थिर हो जाएं

बंदिशे परिंदे को क्या लगाओगे, खाई में गिराने का खौफ क्या दिखाओगे
है पंख की याद उसको, देती रहेगी आभास उसको
एक उड़ान बस भरने भर की देन है, समझ की सूझ बूझ तो खुदा की देन है

चलो चलते हैं फिर से, क्या झूठ क्या सही
एक नई शाम को जीने के वास्ते
क्यू ना बीती कुछ शामे भुला जाएं

गुलिस्तान के रेतीले टीले, और बहती सी हल्की सबा
कुछ याद किए फिर से अपने,
जैसे बहे हों आंखो से कई अधूरे सपने।


Grandmother 🤍

She is bold like a storm
Subtle like an art
Calm like a flowing river
Furnished like a flower
A lioness in the jungle
A dove in her nest
With great pride
She soar high
Fast and steady altogether
A tough game in a soft castle
Not a queen afraid of loosing any crown
Surely not a princess crying for any prince
She is full and a legend for her tribe
She needs noone, to complete any slide
A warrior, a fighter a winner in life
She is my grandmother
A wise flower in my garden of Life.



Emotions are the juice of life
And we have six different flavours
Salt, sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, astringent
We have the power to create them
So, always remember to create the one
Which you like,
No flavour is good or bad cause they all are just flavours
If you like sweetness then create the juice of that flavour
If you like salt then go create that
If you like bitterness then you are free to create that too, don’t think about its goodness or badness
It’s okey, cause it depends upon your taste
But, do remember that every flavour in excess brings illness, and disturbs the flow of life
So, instead of becoming depress about a particular emotion
Learn how to maintain a balance between each and every emotion
And through yoga and meditation you can do that, cause in your mind you are free to create anything and experiment with anything.
So, instead of complaining about the conflicts between mind and heart i think we all should make our mind a laboratory where we can conduct all the essential experiments with our emotions and learn with the outcomes of every experiment.
Meditation provides us that space inside us where we can run the wordly drama according to our own wish and learn to evolve ourselves through it.
You are free to create every juice of life inside you and that’s why how much you need to create is important
Anything in excess is poison
So, don’t give much importance to only one single emotion
Cause they all are required to live a healthy and blissfull life
Learn how to go with them in a steady flow
Don’t rush or become impulsive
If you are that kind of a person who love pain and endure that cause we all know that even though we want no pain still it’s the pain that we enjoy the most.
For example we know that lyrics of any sad song are going to make us feel more depressed but still we enjoy the song, right? That’s our nature, anything that pushes us towards reality we become fearful but at the same time feels attracted towards it.
So, there is nothing wrong in creating any kind of emotions inside, but we need to do it with consciousness cause unconsciously if we will do then it will create a mess inside us. And life would become a cocktail that we don’t wanna drink.

Once a women who had just lost her husband was seen fanning his grave— a fresh mound of earth.

People who were passing by saw this and were so touched. ” How dedicated she is to her dead husband!” They came to her and said, ” We know you lost your husband. Your dedication moves us to tears, but please, it is all right. He is dead.”

The widow said, ” No, i promised my husband that i will not re- marry till the grave is dry.”

So if you are just emotion, you can be a lot of deception ~ Sadhguru

The power of living a life full of joy is within us. And that power will come only when we truly face the truth, and stop ignoring the lies that floats on the surface around us.
Because every problem comes from inside therefore every solution is hidden within that problem itself.

Don’t confuse your existence with your emotions they are just juices and don’t truly define who you actually are. Let them do their job and you do yours. Don’t give them much importance, they are just there to make you feel wet so that you don’t become dry. That’s it.

“Gautama Buddha went to the extent of saying that a dry soul is the wisest soul. He is correct. If emotions overpower you, they are nothing short of madness. At the same time, if you have sufficient control over your emotion that you can go into it and come out of it by choice, it is a very wonderful dimension.


(This picture is special cause that day i was a different cocktail, full of six flavours in one body, everything around me was pleasent cause i was pleasent inside and i don’t know any specific reason behind that tremendous blissful emergence of emotions, so balanced and static yet in a turbulence at the same time.)