Holy like flowing river, some flower in a temple
My heart holds you, still in its chambers

I pump my blood, with divine intervention
My breath betrays me, under your dictation

I left that city, that air, that water
And..heavy luggage in that corner where you and i shattered

Those heavens you promised, faded right in front of us
When you said “i am dumb”, i smiled beneath my skin

Sweet anecdotes left me Puzzled
Your game was big, but i never giggled

The memories you left for me to recollect
Not going to sing your favourite song in Limerick

You were my shadow, and the air i breath
I was your wrist watch, without any hour hand in it

Gathered courage without prior signs
I left your anecdotes,in the balcony of my mind

No grudges left, nothing i hold now
I m new here, in this city full of rhymes

Deleted you with dignity and pride
I wasn’t a doll, wondering in your paradise hall



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