Letting go

“How many times do you need to get hurt for you to realize it’s time to let go.” Now, although these words ring very true for me at the moment, I want to flip this quote and say: ” When is it time for people to start realizing and taking accountability for their actions?” Why […]

Letting go

17 thoughts on “Letting go”

  1. One does what one is best at! Some are good at hurting others, some are even better in prudently letting it go.
    The earlier “the person” realises how others have been hurt, the better for him only. 👍

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  2. You’re better than me. I never let anything go anymore. I keep thinking I’m healed from my troubles, but they drag me down. Always. I think it boils down to blogging for me. Writing used to be therapeutic for me until I started writing in public. Now it’s become a circus. My mental health is slipping again. I’m very much an experiential person. Since I’ve sequestered myself in front of the screen, nothing good has happened to me. I had to just let go of someone once. It wasn’t as dramatic as your experience. She just stopped. She had made plans in advance to stay with friends. She literally had no explanation. Can you imagine what that does to a mind? I think I would have rather thrashed it out! None of this is good. Hopefully you can fare better than me. I don’t mess with people’s psyches, anyway. Sometimes I feel unstable. During the work day I can’t shut off my mind. I’m constantly searching for companionship, knowing that because I’m obsessed, I don’t stand a rat’s ass of a chance of impressing anyone, with my entry level retail job. No skills. No future. Just stupid dreams of traveling, seeing places and people. Learning a new person. And hears the clincher, the last person I had a crush on already had a dozen lovers. What in the world is that? Maybe I’m an idiot. But I can’t take more of this complicated mess. All my promising dates have failed. I’ve given up on dating altogether. Only the good ones failed. Online dating is not my style, I guess. Waiting in line for a lover is also not an interest. The woman I married gave me no reason or argument. When I asked her if we could try again, she said, “No.” I paced the floor of my apartment for days, because I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t. When my daughter stayed, we shared the sofa bed because I didn’t want to be alone. I couldn’t sleep in my own bed. I still only sleep on “my side.” The other side is untouched. Makes it easier to make the bed though. It’s part of my culture. I know it’s completely crazy and wrong. Maybe I can’t get better because I’m heart sick, mentally ungrounded. Until the last two weeks, I’ve been making tremendous progress. Then I realized what was going on. I felt as if I’d been cheated on. I hate that most of all. Tonight, I added more pieces, Bob, Tre. Twenty years! Amazing! That’s how long my marriage lasted. Anyway. I’m mad at myself for being such an idiot. I know I wasn’t fair to her. She doesn’t know anything me, even though I’ve been telling her exactly that for the past six years. I’m not into polygamy. My failed dates are a mystery to me. But reading this, even though I don’t act crazy around people, they can probably sense it. Sorry for the long confusing note. Feel free to delete it. I’m not proud.

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    1. I actually liked it very much.
      Can you do one thing,
      Just count the number of times you’ve written “I” in your whole post, just do that, and you will realise, that life looks empty when we talk about only one person i.e me,
      Now it’s time you start looking in the eyes of every person every living creature and thank God every second that you and everyone else is alive and breathing, nothing going to matter. In the end, everything nullifies itself, so calm down, you are such a gem of a person, and we all are a bit like you.
      Feel free to write out your words emotions. I m always here to listen to any chaos, or as you said “idiotic” things.
      Much love and peace 🙏
      Have a lovely day ahead.🤍

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      1. You didn’t deserve that. I’m falling back into depression. Nothing is going right. “I” is a bad sign. I don’t know what’s wrong or what I’m doing or saying. It’s best that I don’t talk. Because I can’t judge whether or not I’m hurting anyone. I’ve been realizing that my dad, who is living with me, is worse than I am. He’s a loving person, but it’s like he has something missing. I don’t know if I can explain it. He doesn’t seem to be able to know how to apologize for anything. Although he’s compassionate, he doesn’t really know how to fully express it. Mom, she was full of emotion. But she’s gone. I’m a bundle of emotions that fly in every direction. But I depend on physical cues to know how I’m affecting people. I haven’t felt sick like this in months. My mind is completely out of control. Writing as a sole means of communication is the absolute worst thing that I can possibly do. You sound enough like her. I was having trouble last week and felt she might or might not be having something to do with it. So this was when I was at work. So I used my thoughts to wrap pure white light around her. I figured it would heal her. At the very least, it would be a shield for me. Either way, I thought it was beneficial. I get paranoid like that when things just keep going wrong. I, I, I. I’ve been living alone for a long time, and with depression. My world is so constrained. It’s impossible to break out of it.

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  3. Hey! Look i have been through this phase, even worse than yours, and i came out of it, trust me, nothing is permanent, depression is a state not who we actually are.
    Not going to give you any suggestions cause God is already making a new plan for you, just keep moving, and don’t try to fix anyone, just fix one person and that’s you. Everything is going to be super awesome, trust the process aand the one who is carrying out the whole process.
    You are a warrior, and world needs warriors like you. 🤍🙏

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  4. I have spent endless hours of effort and frustration this week trying to replace the contents of my stolen wallet! My feelings toward the 4 thieves are not exactly charitable! But I have more important things to focus on than resentment! Thank you for your interesting treatment of this topic. 🙂

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  5. It’s letting go of the ego that’s the problem. An acknowledgment that you are wrong and being humble about that wrong doing means letting a part of yourself die. People hate that. You did the right thing by approaching them softly. People won’t accept rocks hurled at them. Often the seed that’s planted is rejected at first. Often it takes a while to sink in and the other party comes round. But if they still won’t listen sometimes it’s up to us to let go of the relationship altogether. I like the thoughts shared here. Thank you 🙏

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